Bali – Kuta

Our first stop here is Kuta.

Kuta is mostly as expected – loud,  slightly confusing (for me), but still Indonesian once you scratch the surface. We’re staying at the Amnaya Resort, which is up an alleyway away from the busy-ness of the main road. We haven’t ventured very far yet. The main reason we’re here is for WaterBom – a water park 5 mins walk away. After visiting Siam Park a couple of years ago, and Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon in Florida last year, we wanted to tick this one off.

The visit was good. The park is well organised and impeccably cared for and, like everywhere in Bali, the staff are amazing. The rides were fun and innovative and lots of double-rider rides, which I liked. The day was a bit overcast, so I got cold quite quickly (hadn’t realised that might happen!) and we were still a bit jet lagged, so not sure if I got as much out of the day as I could have done. We’ve got another chance to go next week, so we might give it another shot.

More generally in Kuta, I think what I’ve liked most is the influence of Chinese tourists. Our taxi driver coming from the station said that 75% of visitors to the area are Chinese and I think, looking around, he’s right. This creates a slightly surreal set up. A town, once off-the-tourist grid, then inhabited by western backpackers and now by Chinese tourists. It feels a bit like being in the Costa del Sol, but in China. What makes me happy, though, is the stamp that other cultures are putting on the world and how this will change things in the future. We’re used to western tourists dominating and I’m glad the world’s getting a smaller place.

Jet lag meant we were awake at the crack of dawn and gave up trying to sleep and went for a walk about 6am. We headed to Kuta beach and we were far from along – lots of surfers, joggers, walkers and people just out. It was brilliant seeing such a mix of people – the streets would have been dead at that time in England.

Breakfast at Amnaya – amazing. Two courses, with fruit platter, fresh juice and bread basket. And I could eat ‘normal’ food for breakfast and no one batted an eyelid!

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