We’re spending a few days in Singapore on the way back from Bali. It’s my third visit here, though the last was over 10 years ago, though it doesn’t seem that long. I’ve never really done much of the tourist side of Singapore – I’ve tended to wander and absorb in the past – but this time I’ve goals – Universal Studios and Adventure Cove.

We arrived at lunchtime today and walked over to Marina Bay late afternoon. We meandered round Gardens by the Bay and felt completely out of place at Marina Sands. The Gardens were amazing – you don’t get any public space in such good condition in the UK. Marina Sands is a shopping centre full of designer brands. It’s only saving grace was finding bubble tea in the basement food court.

I’m loving being back in the Singapore food scene. We had lunch in a basic food court which did great Chinese food and dinner at Mrs Pho on Beach Road. The pho seemed as good as any we’d had in VietNam and had sensible ‘fill-in-your-order’ forms on the tables which meant that food got to us in lightening speed. It’s only a few doors down from our hotel, so planning on returning.

Minor revelation today – navigating via Apple Watch. I’ve used it in the UK many times, but it really comes into its own abroad and I don’t have to wander around looking (even more like) a tourist with my phone out.

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